Before your photoshoot, we will sit down with you in our studio and get to know each other better. We like to hear what you are about, your favorite things and places, and we might even check out your Insta. This helps us create a vision for your session for us, and plan out epic spots for your shots. On the flip side, we don't overthink it, because some of our best shots have come by simply being open to ideas, and stumbling across epic backdrops while out on our adventures. We just ask you to trust us, keep an open mind, and we will deliver epic portraits for you. 

Choosing the perfect location

When you choose a senior photographer, you are choosing someone to document your life. You are literally choosing someone to freeze time for you, and preserve a moment that will never come your way again. Do you want to choose a friend with a camera, or do you want to choose an artist that will put every ounce of themselves into creating something epic? Which one do you deserve? At DCCP we would love the opportunity to create beautiful works of art with you in them. We already know you deserve it. 

You deserve beautiful portraits

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Our senior sessions fill quickly and we recommend booking early for prime dates. If you are game, let's do this. Go big or go home, right? Click below to book your senior photos with DCCP.

Are we doing this thing?

"Not only did we go to St. Louis for city shots, but we went to places that really embody my personality. We visited the Fox Theater to pull out my performance side, a small town farm to photograph me with my guitar and a gorgeous sunset, and I climbed into an old church window to look like a real princess!"

 when Dawn told me to get out in the lake or to run out into the middle of the street with her, she created magic!".